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An American entrepreneur who went viral has swapped Miami for Molineux – and says he loves his adopted Wolverhampton home.

American TikTok star Nick 'Mr Miami' Alexander, whose scathing travel video of Weston-super-Mare went viral, pictured outside Molineux after moving to Wolverhampton

American TikTok star Nick ‘Mr Miami’ Alexander, whose scathing travel video of Weston-super-Mare went viral, pictured outside Molineux after moving to Wolverhampton

He might not have been impressed by Weston-super-Mare, but Nick ‘Mr Miami’ Alexander loves Wolverhampton. It’s miles better than Miami, he says.

The Florida-born TikTok influencer became an internet sensation with his withering review of the Somerset seaside resort on the TikTok social media site. His short video reviews branded the town ‘Weston-super-Nightmare’, and ridiculed its muddy beaches and the long walk to the sea.

But while he might not have enjoyed his day out by the Bristol Channel, Nick says he is far happier in his adopted city of Wolverhampton, which he much prefers to his home town of Miami.

But his one criticism is that the finds Wolverhampton’s nightlife a bit flat, and says he hopes to use his entrepreneurial skills to bring a touch of the South Beach atmosphere to the West Midlands.

“I feel much more comfortable here than I did in Miami, it is much safer,” he says.

“It was a bit of a culture shock coming from Miami, but I do find it to be far more relaxed here,” says Nick, whose father grew up in Wolverhampton.

“A lot of people say ‘Wolverhampton, why would you want to go there?’, but I like it and I try to showcase the good stuff.

“Miami is not the best place on earth. We have a lot of crime, and you find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder, whereas I find I don’t have to worry about that in Wolverhampton.”

Nick loves Wolverhampton…
… but is unimpressed by Weston-super-Mare

He recalls how, in 2009, the Lonely Planet travel guide declared Wolverhampton to be the fifth worst city in the world, but says this criticism is totally unjustified.

“There are plenty of worse places than this,” he says.

Nick says one of the most striking things about his new surroundings is the way football dominates everyday life.

“I live close to Molineux, and I have been impressed by how many people come flooding there during match days,” he says.

“It’s like a sea of gold. I had said it was like a sea of yellow, but people corrected me on that. I love how one person can say a chant, and then everybody is singing together.”

A sea of gold – Nick loves the way Wolves fans are so passionate about the club
Nick loves the way Wolves fans are so passionate about the club

He is also fascinated by the area’s pub scene, saying it is very different from anything he has seen in the US.

“I have been very impressed by the pub culture, it’s more like a family environment, where everybody in the local community just goes to meet up.

“I’ve also noticed how football and the pubs seem to be very intertwined.”

West Park is another jewel in the city’s crown, adds Nick, saying that he loves to go there to meditate.

West Park is a favourite spot of Nick’s
West Park is a favourite spot of Nick’s

Nick, who describes himself as a chef, social media influencer and entrepreneur, says he has not given up his search for the great British seaside experience, and plans to visit Devon, Cornwall and Blackpool soon.

Closer to home, he also plans to visit the Black Country Living Museum and Trentham Monkey Forest near Stoke-on-Trent.

“I’m hoping to go to the Black Country Museum, people have invited me go and get the best fish and chips there, and I love the idea of the monkey place,” he says.

Nick, who styles himself as Mr Miami UK, now has 120,000 followers, and his offbeat clips about his unhappy experiences of Weston attracted three million likes. Nevertheless, he seems slightly confused when asked if he is the Bill Bryson of the TikTok generation.

“Forgive me, I don’t know who Bill Bryson is,” he says.

Wolverhampton is a far cry from Miami’s waves

Certainly his style is rather more brash than that of his compatriot, but he likes the idea that people are amused by seeing their country through the eyes of a confused American.

Most of his time on this side of the pond coincided with the coronavirus lockdown, but he says even before the restrictions he was distinctly underwhelmed by the lack of nightlife in Wolverhampton.

“The nightlife is not very impressive,” he says. “It needs one or two clubs and discos – the modern variety. not the 70s type – to cater for people of a certain age, and the students at the university.

“There are some good local bars, I like the Bohemian and the Leaping Wolf does great drinks, Blossoms is a very good place too, but you can’t get enough people in there.

“I would like to work together with people who want to bring a bit of nightlife to Wolverhampton. We could have the type of nightlife that there is in Miami in Wolverhampton, 100 per cent.”