Who’s expendible, trade wise, on this current Miami Dolphins roster? – The Phinsider

Now that we have moved into the offseason for at least our team the front office is busy evaluating everything, every player, every coach, every system, everything… The Miami Dolphins front office also knows that we are going into the offseason that with even the rise in the cap puts the Phins in a 16 million-dollar-plus hole. So now the team will obviously scramble to rework some of the team’s more giant contracts while also trying to decide which players they do not want to either rework, extend or even keep beyond this offseason. That leads us to tonight’s question.

Of the players that you might believe are “expendable” on this roster be it due to not playing up to their contract or that just don’t fit what this team needs going forward but might have plenty of good football in them for another team, would you try and trade if you were Chris Grier and why?

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