What is a Bomb Cyclone and will it impact the Miami Valley? – WHIO Radio

MIAMI VALLEY — In the national news, words like “bomb cyclone” are thrown about with flashy graphics and a barrage of social media posts and thrown in the headlines of traffic nightmare and snarls. All of this may get your attention, but you often don’t get any context until you five deeper into the details, in particular, ‘will it affect me?’

Our Global Forecasting System Model is picking up on a nor’easter or a rapidly intensifying storm off the east coast of the U.S. This system is likely, as most nor’easters, to affect the east coast, and in particular New England only. There are no direct impacts to the Miami Valley.

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As this low develops north of the United States, the wrap around moisture from this low pressure system will tap into colder air and give snow showers to the Great Lakes area, especially lake effect snow showers. Those in North/Northeast Ohio could receive a few inches on Monday, while the Miami Valley could just see a few passing flurries around as we are too far south and away from the center of low pressure and the great lakes to receive any lake effect snow showers.

As this system intensifies Wednesday through Thursday and moves into the open waters of the Atlantic, it will pelt the New England area with wind gusts of 50-70 mph and 3 to 6 inches of rain.

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It will also impact holiday travel and traffic in that area as it may move into the area the day before and on Thanksgiving. Perhaps gusty winds may affect travel in New York and New Jersey as wind gusts may delay some air travel. So as rapidly intensifying (bomb cyclone) nor’easters usually do, this one will only directly affect the east coast/New England area.

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