Watch live: Department of Justice to announce efforts to combat hate crimes

Attorney General Merrick Garland is expected to announce initiatives to combat hate crimes

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Why Are Business Relationships So Important?

Hese are just a few of the reasons why building business relationships is so important. They can mean the difference between success and failure.

What Works Best For Neck Pain Relief

It is estimated that 70% of people will experience neck pain sometime in their lifetime. Many forms of treatment are available, but it is sometimes difficult to know, specifically, what will be the most effective method to gain neck pain relief. This article will discuss the most common cause of neck pain and a safe, effective approach to achieve relief of neck pain.

Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is definitely a rising concern, with the changing times we are living in and the desire for gardening rising… it is time to have a discussion about food waste. Today we’ll show you tricks that will not only save you money, but increase the nutrient content of your meals and keep waste from being a problem.

Cooking With Nutrition in Mind

Small changes to shopping habits can have an affect on the economical and physical health of your family, as well as benefit the local economy. This seems to be the theme of the book From One Small Garden: Over 300 Delicious Nutritious Recipes. This book goes beyond delicious recipes, it also tackles issues like food waste and budget-friendly menu plans.

Dave and Lillian Brummet – Author Interview

Lillian Brummet and her husband Dave drop in to share some of their experiences in the realm of writing. These two are authors of 6 published books including the recently released: From One Small Garden – Over 300 Delicious Nutritious Recipes. Join us for this fascinating interview.