Watch live: Alex Murdaugh murder trial continues in South Carolina | USA TODAY

Disbarred South Carolina attorney Richard “Alex” Murdaugh was indicted on murder charges in the double homicide killings of his wife and son.

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Day 6 of the Alex Murdaugh murder trial concluded with more testimony from SLED Senior Special Agent Jeff Croft about 300 Blackout rounds and 12 gauge shotgun shells found elsewhere at the Moselle estate, AR-15s being custom made for Murdaugh, and video footage of a SLED interview with Murdaugh that appears to contain some questionable statements from the suspect.

During the afternoon session, Croft testified that other areas of Moselle, including the shooting shed and a pond, were littered with spent 300 Blackout casings and 12 gauge shotgun shells like the kinds used to kill Maggie and Paul. The prosecution played body cam footage of Croft and other SLED agents collecting these cartridges.

The state also played video footage of Murdaugh during a June 10, 2021, follow-up interview with SLED – the second time that Murdaugh spoke to state police after the killings. The interview was conducted inside a vehicle at a hunting lodge owned by his brother, John Marvin Murdaugh.

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