USA TODAY: Bills are second-best landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr. – Bills Wire

Should the Buffalo Bills sign Odell Beckham Jr?

That’s only one side to the debate.

Some forget that Beckham has say in the matter, too. Should he decide to play in Buffalo? Is that his best shot at a Super Bowl?

USA TODAY’s Nate Davis puts the Bills (6-2) amongst the best landing spots. Overall, Buffalo was named the second-best team for the free-agent receiver.

Last weekend, Beckham was reportedly set to be cleared for football workouts after his knee injury in last year’s Super Bowl. He wouldn’t play right away, but he might be a huge piece for a team down the stretch run.

While the Bills are the No. 2 team on the list just behind the Dallas Cowboys, there is an admission made: It might be hard to make happen.

Check out the full USA TODAY analysis below:

OLB Von Miller, Beckham’s teammate with the Rams last season, signed here to put this long-suffering organization over the top and has been openly recruiting Beckham almost ever since. Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis and OBJ would be a deadly wideout trio, and one QB Josh Allen would be highly capable of maximizing. But the Bills would have to move money (and perhaps players) around to fit Beckham into their salary structure. And it’s worth wondering how much more appealing Western New York in the winter might be to OBJ than Green Bay presumably would be.