USA TODAY at 40: Decades of serving readers and changing the industry | USA TODAY #Shorts

USA TODAY founder Al Neuharth ambitiously launched America’s first national newspaper 40 years ago on Sept. 15, 1982.

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Through the 40 years, USA TODAY has grown, evolving from print-bound features and focusing instead on videos, interactives and its growing website, routinely among the top news sites with 100 million monthly visitors.

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The Coronavirus And Its Spread Through Information Suppression

Like everyone else I’ve been bombarded with news and information concerning the “Coronavirus”. Can’t help feel the pressure from this viral outbreak when you walk into a supermarket and there’s no toilet paper.

The Real Aztec Indian Foods That Have Been Sold As Mexican Dishes Over The Decades

The “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” indians developed most of these very delicious meals over the 10,000 years of their empires. When the spanish landed in mexico city they made these foods developed by the mesoamerica indians as their new established meals.

Your Subconscious Mind And Why It Is So Important

When you know the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind you will be able to improve in many ways that you may not have thought possible. Examples are given where people can make drastic changes knowing how the subconscious works, positive thinking is one that will be reviewed as also public speaking, two very difficult tasks for many.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Building A Website

If you can avoid these mistakes, and in fact perfect each item here, your website will be that much more inviting and useful to your audience. You’ll get more visitors to come to your website, plus you’ll get more of them sticking around, answering your calls to action and more.

India Fights COVID-19: Government Is Optimistic!

Such a high level of optimism is indeed soothing for the millions of Indians imprisoned at home. It rather transmits a positive feeling about the benefit of their sacrifice being realized. From a comparison with other countries like the US, Italy, UK, France, Spain where the lockdowns were either late or not strictly followed this optimism seems justified..