USA news live: Delta variant greatest threat to US pandemic response, says Fauci – Times of India

Fauci on the Delta variant

Fauci on the Delta variant

White House team cites progress in talks with bipartisan infrastructure group

A team of top White House officials had a productive meeting on Tuesday with a bipartisan group of senators about their $1 trillion infrastructure plan, and will meet again later Tuesday or Wednesday, the White House said.”While progress was made, more work remains to be done,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. “We expect our team to meet again with the bipartisan group later today or tomorrow, as schedules permit.”

Construction starts on $899 million station at Los Angeles airport

Fauci says indications are that the Covid-19 vaccines remain effective against the variant.

Anthony Fauci warned that the US could be following the UK’s course, where the variant has become the dominant strain due to rapid spread among youth

Delta variant represents 20% of US infections

The so-called Covid-19 delta variant which was first detected in India now represents more than 20% of coronavirus infections in the US in the last two weeks, or double what it was when the Centers for Disease Control last reported on the variant’s prevalence.

How Big Tech created a data ‘treasure trove’ for police

When US law enforcement officials need to cast a wide net for information, they’re increasingly turning to the vast digital ponds of personal data created by Big Tech companies via the devices and online services that have hooked billions of people around the world.

Background checks blocked a record high 300,000 gun sales

The number of people stopped from buying guns through the US background check system hit an all-time high of more than 300,000 last year amid a surge of firearm sales, according to new records obtained by the group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Delta variant greatest threat to US pandemic response, says Fauci

Fight to enact federal legislation on voting rights is not over: White House

US seizes Iranian state news websites

Biden ‘absolutely revolted’ by voting restrictions, says White House

The White House said on Tuesday the fight to enact federal legislation on voting rights is not over despite a grim outlook in the US Senate for a new law.White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters President Joe Biden is “absolutely revolted” by attempts to restrict voting access.

Redoubling efforts to make vaccine more accessible for younger age groups: White House

Biden will make statement at conclusion of voting rights legislation vote: White House

Expecting US to exceed 70% or more adults vaccinated within a few weeks of July 4: WH Covid adviser Zients

Zients says US has already met Biden’s goal of 70% of Americans age 30 and above receiving one vaccine shot

WH Covid adviser Zients says US will hit target of 70% of adults 27 and older having at least one shot by July 4

Dr. Fauci says Delta variant currently greatest threat to US attempt to eliminate Covid-19

US to miss July 4 goal of one Covid shot for 70% adults: White House

A last push, then a long wait in NYC mayoral primary