USA in crisis – Garden City News

By Editorial Team | on August 26, 2021

To the Editor:

There is one crisis after another. We are inundated by illegals all over the country bringing Covid, criminality, fentanyl, and other scourges;

an earthquake in Haiti has killed over a thousand; there is a criminal exodus from Afghanistan; and last  but not least, we are about to spend trillions of dollars on an infrastructure bill — to be exact, only a small portion is earmarked for roads, bridges etc.

Here is what Washington should put their emphasis on:

1) Closing the border: Without a border, we have no country. Giving illegals preferential treatment over our own people is wrong and disgusting. Did we ever think about where we are going and what the final results will be? Socialism and/or communism? Who will pay for all of this? Certainly not the millionaires and billionaires!

2) Helping the Haitians: The Haitians have one catastrophe after another. Did we send some manpower and survival packages to them? Maybe we did, but the indoctrinated press is quit.

3) Saving our face in the world: Our devastating handling of the Afghanistan crisis puts our world power in jeopardy. All our enemies seeing our weakness will be emboldened to take us for granted. China is already doing military exercises at sea in front of Taiwan. Are we turning a blind eye to that? We will be in deep trouble

if  we aren’t resolute and show our strength. Peace through strength!

4) Getting our energy independence back: Prices at the pump have jumped from $1.75 to   $4.- within a few months, which has a tremendous negative  impact on

consumer products. Reinstate the Keystone Pipeline and forget about begging the Saudis to increase their output. Gasoline is still needed for the foreseeable future!

Giving Russia the opportunity to finish its pipeline to Europe was the stupidest mistake we made.

5) Reducing the Infrastructure Bill: Spending trillions of dollars which we don’t have is the most irrational idea we ever had. Who will pay for that? Our children and

grandchildren? It looks like we will become more and more dependent on the government. At the end, the government will tell us what we can and cannot do,

like in a socialist/communist system.

America is one of the few democratic countries left where you can enjoy freedom. The time for action is now.

H. Mayer