Tokyo Olympics: US gets medals, gymnasts falter, Katie Ledecky on deck for Monday | USA TODAY

After failing to win medals on day one, the U.S. bounced back on Sunday. Looking to Monday, don’t miss swimming, skateboarding and men’s gymnastics.

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The Difference in Earnings in India, Gender Pay Gap – Ekta Shakti Foundation

It feels good to see Indian women coming out of their homes and setting off to workplaces. That they are contributing to the community and their families fills one with pride. Despite this achievement, the difference in equality in pay scale seems to be bothering. Indian women earn 20% less than Indian men, as per the statistics of 2017.

Squirt: What Is It? The 10 Keys to Squirting, the New Challenge of Female Ejaculation

The enigmatic body of women, in terms of sexuality, has always been the object of study. A new term has superseded the mysterious G-spot, despite its close relationship. This is the squirt, the buzzword, which owes its fame to the growing production of the pornographic industry.

Let’s Read Out Some Amazing Benefits of Writing a Blog

The world is becoming creepy to share your views and experiences. Creating a blog gives you every freedom to share your views, stories, and writings to reach out to the world without any stoppage. Writing your thoughts and views on the internet can open up your mind and will ultimately lead you to the emporium of knowledge.

Who Will Talk About This?

Hello everyone Where we are taking our country?. Every where today we look you can see the advancement of man, how the human mind has basically invented created and built whole new world.


ARDHA BADDHA PADMA PASCHIMOTTANASANA Name: Ardha= half, Baddha= lock, Padma= Lotus, Paschima= West (lower back), Uttana= Upward, Asana= Pose. Meaning: Half locked lotus back stretch pose. Drishti: Pada Angushta Drishti