The 20 small things that bring Miamians so much joy – Time Out

There’s so much to love about living in Miami. We have year-round summer, beautiful beaches, incredible bars and restaurants and the ability to dine around the world without ever leaving our city. It’s truly a multicultural destination. These are the more obvious reasons to appreciate life in the 305, but our days are also filled with inconsequential experiences that spark tremendous joy.

For instance, most people stop for a hot cafecito every day yet there’s still that moment when you encounter the perfect cup, one that’s not too hot and not too sweet and puts a smile on your face the moment the sweet coffee touches your lips. There are so many instances like this one, including the 20 small things that fill Miamians with immense joy that you’ll find below.

1. Outdoor cafes with misting systems

It’s hot, ya’ll.

2. When December arrives with Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls and “cooler” weather

Anything below 80 degrees is a happy moment

3. The perfect, shady spot to picnic at South Pointe Park 

4. Perfect rockstar street parking near your favorite restaurant

Honestly, finding street parking anywhere is a feat these days

5. Scoring a reservation at Carbone


6. The perfect cafecito

Frothy and just the right amount of sweet

7. A breeze

We’re not kidding.

8. No traffic on the Palmetto Expressway

When pigs fly…

9. An A.C.’s Icees on a hot summer day

There’s truly nothing better.

10. The return of Old Greg’s pizza

The countdown is on!

11. Cars that start automatically so you can rev up the AC in the summer before you even get in

Bless the technology gods

12. Knowing a guy who can get you into… somewhere

No issues at the door = joy. So much joy.

13. Music on the street

We’re not a city known for its live music so when we hear it out, whether it’s a random saxophonist or a guy playing the guitar on the sidewalk, we are thrilled.

14. Hot croquetas

When was the last time you had one straight out of the oven? (Insert drooling emoji here)

15. The end of spring break

Please don’t come again next year.

16. The random afternoon with no guests, no plans…

Imagine a weekend without someone texting you, “Hey! I’m in Miami this weekend.”

17. A fresh-fruit smoothie from Robert Is Here

You may have to stand in line for hours, but no one does fruit smoothies like Robert’s.

18. Being able to walk or bike somewhere over the Venetian Causeway

19. Waving at the cruise ships as they sail by

No one admits they like it but they all do it. We’ve seen you!

20. Catching the Brickell Avenue Bridge just before it goes up