There were fireworks when the Fox News host had on the former TV news anchor who now represents Miami-Dade residents in the House.

A South Florida congresswoman got into a verbal tussle Wednesday night with a Fox News host, and it was Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar who came out of it the worse for wear.

The Republican representing Miami-Dade residents in Florida’s 27th congressional district was a TV news anchor interviewer for 30 years, so she knows her way around a studio. But so does Tucker Carlson, and there were fireworks when she appeared on his show.

Watch highlights from the appearance in the video at the top of this page.

During the appearance, Salazar said she wanted to “clarify her position” about a Russia no-fly zone in support of Ukraine.

But very little got clarified, as Carlson and Salazar talked over each other and bickered over how much U.S. military aid to offer to Ukraine.

Carlson also quizzed Salazar on her knowledge of Russia’s nuclear capabilities.

“The Russians have more nukes than America. That’s easily found,” said political analyst J.C. Planas. “The fact that she did not have some basic knowledge of what the consequences could be, I think is troubling.”


However, Planas said he thought Salazar did a good job talking up her immigration bill.

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