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Saturday Night Live” is notorious for its post-election riffs and the cast did not disappoint after the midterm elections.

The NBC sketch show’s cold open centered around former President Donald Trump’s severed relationship with Fox News and voter fraud allegations in Arizona

“Fox & Friends” hosts Steve Doocy (Mikey Day), Ainsley Earhardt (Heidi Gardner) and Brian Kilmeade (Bowen Yang) discussed everyone “turning on Trump” and how Fox informed all employees the former president is “dead to us.”

“Nearly every candidate Trump backed last week lost except for one who’s still hanging on by a thread and she’s here with us today,” Doocy said as he introduced Republican gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake (Cecily Strong) from Arizona.

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“It’s my belief that the election is rigged and the results should be thrown out,” Lake declared when Earhardt informed her that results are putting her “neck and neck” with her Democrat opponent.

Throughout the segment, results continuously changed. When they were in Lake’s favor, she said, “I’ve always said this is a democracy. Trust the system.” But when they weren’t, the mock candidate stated, “Our system is broken.”

Despite “Fox & Friends” curbing Trump (James Austin Johnson), the former president still managed to get on the air. “Everyone goes to Florida for the sunshine, but look … I made (Gov.) Ron DeSantis. He was going to lose until I sent FBI agents to go and fix this election. But he’s ungrateful and now he’s trying to steal my sunshine,” Trump told the hosts.

Trump was then informed that he can no longer come back on “Fox & Friends.” “What did I do? Was it the insurrection? The impeachments? Blackmailing Ukraine? Charlottesville? The murder? Kidding,” he said before squeezing in the fact that he is going for re-election.

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The midterm elections may be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but for “SNL” host Dave Chappelle, it’s HBO’s “House of the Dragon.”

“I love that they’re including Black characters. But to be honest, the Black characters take me out a little bit. … It’s a little jarring,” Chappelle joked. “You’re like where are these people from?”

The comedian said “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels was able to secure an exclusive preview of Season 2 of “House of the Dragon.” 

Lord of the Tides (Kenan Thompson) visited the queen after coming back from sea. “This is where my people are the most comfortable. The ocean. We especially love being on ships. We’ve never had any concerns with ships or what might happen to us on ships,” he joked.

Chappelle appeared in the sketch as several characters including Rick James and drug user Tyrone Biggums from his former Comedy Central show. Special guests Ice-T and Donnell Rawlings reprised their characters from “The Playa Haters Ball.”

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