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  • Lucia and Emma Guara, just 11 and 4, died alongside their parents in Champlain Towers collapse
  • The two sisters shared a casket at the family funeral on July 6
  • An aunt of the girls said “the beauty they brought to this world and to our lives cannot be quantified.”
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Two sisters who died in the Champlain Towers collapse in Miami, Florida, shared a single casket at their family funeral.

Lucia and Emma Guara, 11 and 4, died alongside their mother and father, Marcus Guara, 52, and Anaely Rodriguez, 42.

Notes from loved ones on the family obituary describe the four as a “beautiful family” who shared “a lot of love”.

Emma Guara, thought to be one of the youngest victims of the building collapse, was described by a family friend as “the most beautiful baby who was becoming an incredible girl”.

Images of the family funeral on July 6 show the sister’s casket decorated in pink and purple bows, in an ode to the girl’s favorite things, according to WSVN.

The report from the funeral by WSVN says family members recalled Lucia as loving singing, outer space, and family. Emma was described as a “princess” who loved building obstacle courses in the living room and her family.

“It is not possible to express the essence of such beautiful souls,” Digna Rodriguez, sister of Anaely Rodriguez, said at the funeral. “The light, the beauty they brought to this world and to our lives cannot be quantified.”

The current death toll from the condo collapse stands at 64, with 76 people still unaccounted for, according to Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. No one has been recovered alive since the first hours after the building fell on 24 June.

It is still unclear the reasons for the deadly collapse, with efforts to investigate the cause taking a back seat whilst rescue teams work tirelessly to uncover bodies under the rubble, according to NPR.

The Miami Grand Jury has launched an investigation into how to prevent similar disasters in the future.

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