Sex & human trafficking: What we know about laws in place to prevent it | JUST THE FAQS

Here’s why there is a big push for new legislation to prevent human trafficking.

Millions of people are trapped in some form of human trafficking around the world. Here’s where trafficking legislation stands in the U.S. right now.

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PH Value And Its Relevance to the Human Body

Potential Hydrogen, commonly known as ‘pH value’ is a combination of acid and alkalis in the water or food intake by humans. The pH value varies from person to person based on their food consumption. According to the Water Research Center, the ideal pH value of water should be 7, considered safe for consumption.

Habits That Lower Confidence

One must remember this quote whenever they find themselves in a situation that feels tougher than ever. The only person who can ever get you out of it is you and your belief in yourself.

Disciplines of Discipleship

We fall short of our pursuit without proper discipline or training. Proper training can only come from a proper teacher.

Become a Reseller to Increase Website Traffic

In this article, you will learn how to increase website traffic to any online business you own. You will also learn the secrets to obtain long-term wealth from working online.

Healing Is A Journey, Not A Completion

I am a survivor of two grave health crisises. Other than the immense support I received from my life-partner, faith in a higher power coupled with a determination to heal, all acted as an impetus back to health from otherwise impossible situations.