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In a world where everyone seems to disagree on just about everything and the things that separate us seem to be increasing while those that unite us are decreasing there is one thing most people can agree on: Doughnuts are good!

More than just good, they can, to paraphrase the theme song to an all-time classic show, “take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile.”

Soon to make those days extra special in West Palm Beach is The Salty Donut.

Started out of a trailer in Miami in 2015, “The Salty” is slated to open the West Palm location at Rosemary Square in spring 2022. It will be the brand’s sixth brick-and-mortar store.

The Salty Donut shops

With their other locations in South Beach, Wynwood and Audubon Park in Florida and Austin and Bishop Arts, Texas, they have been spreading the doughnut love over a good portion of the United States.

Giving our area a taste of this goodness, one of The Salty Donut’s trailers popped up at Rosemary Square on Oct. 9 and 10. Two more pop-ups are planned at the plaza, one on Nov. 13 and the other during the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival on Dec. 12.

With a doughnut selection that ranges from mild to wild, they have traditional tastes including glazed and maple bacon to tantalizing prickly pear margarita and horchata. 

In addition to the regular menu, they take it up another notch with seasonal offerings that include dragon and passion fruits, tiramisu, sweet potato pie and more.

On the beverage front, The Salty serves its own signature roast of cold-brewed coffees, which are steeped for 18 hours.

They also serve espressos and teas.

Voted ‘Best Donut Shop in America’

The Salty Donut has grown to be recognized locally and nationally and was named one of Thrillist’s “best donut shops in America.” In addition, co-founder Amanda Pizarro-Rodriguez was honored by Forbes’ “30 under 30” in 2018 for Food and Drink, highlighting the creativity and entrepreneurship behind the family-owned brand.

As with every location of The Salty Donut, the West Palm Beach shop is being uniquely designed to connect with the community by drawing from the surrounding neighborhood and city’s history to include local influences and motifs. The shop will boast a beachside café vibe unique to this location, inspired by its proximity to the ocean. Local artists and craftsmen have been tapped to create the signature Salty Donut look, complete with picturesque murals and custom-made furniture.

In the words of Homer Simpson: “Donuts… is there anything they can’t do?” Sure he’s a fictional character, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

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