Miami Heat Rumors: Lakers Russell Westbrook Pursuit A Double Bonus – All U Can Heat

The Miami Heat are warming up their collective right arms as we speak. Why, might one ask?

Well, when you’re at the auctions, you must be prepared and in shape to continuously raise the paddle hand. What that refers to is a bidding war.

While that is the literal meaning and most typical representation of the phenomenon, the Miami Heat are about to be all in the midst of very real figurative versions of that same event as things progress into and throughout NBA Free Agency.

With the rumor mill ablaze, the Washington Wizards find themselves as the folks trying the hardest to escape the flames. While Bradley Beal is making his mind up about his future, there also appears to be the notion that the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Russell Westbrook.

Interesting. Not only is it interesting though, it would be the optimal thing to happen for the Miami Heat and here’s why.

With the Miami Heat trying to get better in a hurry, Los Angeles’s pursuit of Russell Westbrook would certainly mean a lot to their chances.

If the Lakers do land Westbrook, then their reported interest in a certain Miami Heat target, Kyle Lowry, begins to dissipate. On top of that, shipping off Russell Westbrook from his current situation signals something else.

If the Washington Wizards, for the second year straight, ship off Bradley Beal’s running mate in his point guard, he’s as good as gone, though, he is already probably leaning that way. Other than posting it to all of their social media accounts, the Wizards couldn’t express any deeper that they are kicking off a rebuild than if they were to, somehow, trade Russell Westbrook.

That’s why the Lakers pursuit of the locomotive of a point guard is huge and key for Miami. Not just one, Kyle Lowry who’s a potential Lakers target, but two of their potential free agent targets, in Lowry and Bradley Beal, have their proverbial wagons hitched to the fate, fortune, and future of Russell Westbrook.

How fascinating is that? For as fascinating as it may be though, hope the chips fall in the right direction so that the Miami Heat may best take advantage of the situation.