Miami Heat: 3 Players To Avoid At All Costs This Summer – All U Can Heat

The Miami Heat have quite a bit of work to do this offseason. The overwhelming majority of that work has to do with their roster and the construction of it.

While it’ll be a huge deal and huge news, when it comes to who they decide to bring in, it should be just as big a deal about the guys that they should totally stay away from. With that in mind, here are three players that the Miami Heat should avoid at all costs this summer.

Otto Porter

An 8-year NBA veteran at this point, Otto Porter is a guy that has always had such high hopes about him and such potential surrounding his game. He, simply, can’t stay healthy though.

You hate to label a person as anything, but at this point, he can only be called brittle. Playing 37 games in his rookie season, he had good luck across the next several years.

He played in 74, 75, 80, and 77 games, respectively, across the next four seasons and enough to secure a rather sizable next deal but hasn’t managed to have the same luck since. Since that 77 game season in 2017-18, he’s only played in 98 games across the last three seasons.

That’s the reason. You can’t depend on him to be healthy enough to take the floor.

The Miami Heat need talent and badly, in certain positions. However, there are a few guys that they should still avoid.

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond is a long way from his days in Detroit, where he was a high-output double-double machine. In a league that places a premium on skills and shooting, he just doesn’t have the ability to have a sizable role anymore, it seems.

There’s also this. He’s seeming a bit diva-ish, as of late.

He, simply, thinks he’s better than he is. The Miami Heat don’t need that and especially for what he think he might get on the open market.

That’s the reason there.

Mike Conley

There isn’t really anything that profound to this one. When it comes to Mike Conley, he’s a very good player.

That’s just it though. He’s just a very good player, nothing electric, but he’s earned the right to be paid like the highest of the highest level players based on consistency, longevity, and his ability to be great at the fundamentals of running a team.

While that makes him great, in his own right, to give the guy his due, and to highlight how what he does translates to winning, it isn’t the type of great that the Miami Heat need from their lead guard right now and especially at the price that Conley will cost.

To be frank, the Utah Jazz can’t afford to let him go. They moved assets to get him, can only stretch themselves financially to bring back their own (him), and need to have him the fold to continue competing.

So, there’s that, but there’s also all of the previous stuff too, explicitly, from a Miami Heat side of things. These though, are the guys that the Miami Heat should avoid at all costs this offseason and the reasons why.