Miami Heat: 3 Goals For Tyler Herro’s 2021-22 Season – All U Can Heat

The Miami Heat have a lot of questions to go about answering this offseason and a major one revolves around Tyler Herro. Putting that on the back burner for a minute though, he too himself, has some things to work out as he looks to head into next season.

Boxing training and workouts aside, the Miami Heat’s young bucket-getter is still ahead of the curve when it comes to how he’s performing thus far in his young NBA career, however, he set a high bar for himself in his rookie season. With his sophomore season now fully behind him, where can he improve for his third year?

There are a few ways that come to mind. Here are three goals for Tyler Herro’s 2021-22 season.

Not Be A Defensive Liability

The man isn’t un-athletic and he isn’t flat-footed. He does have those infamous short arms, but he should still be able to stay in front of a guy… sometimes.

Too many times, like a few other players that the Miami Heat had to depend on this past season, the defense sought out Tyler Herro. That has to be taken care of if you are him.

No one is asking him to magically turn into Tayshaun Prince or anything like that, just don’t be so terrible that the other team sees a guaranteed bucket in you.

The Miami Heat have questions and decisions hovering around them surrounding Tyler Herro. Regardless of that though, here are his three goals for 2021-22.

Overall Strength

Something that might help his defense in some areas, as well as a few other areas of his game, is increased strength. The boxing training might be something there, form and looks be darned, so there is something to look at positively with that whole thing.

Tyler is adept at making the weird and wanky platformed shot off of one foot or the awkward base. Though that is a gift and needs to continue to be a part of his game, some of that is due to being easily knocked off-balance by the defender.

That’s a strength thing. It would also help his finishing overall, his ability to deal with on-ball defensive pressure, his defensive ability, and more.

Get Back To Rookie Seasons Three Point Marks

This past season, Tyler shot 36 percent from deep on 5.5 attempts. During his rookie year, he shot 38.9 on 5.4.

Though only literal and mere percentage points, for these purposes, that’s a pretty sizable gap. Though 36 percent isn’t anything to be mad about, it’s just pretty darn good.

When you talk about the near 40 percent that 38.9 percent shooting from deep is though, that’s bordering on elite, if not right there. While, again, he set a high bar for himself during his rookie season, that would be something that he can definitely do again with just a little more concentration and work.

The better Tyler is, the better for the Miami Heat. Looking back on some of those questions mentioned earlier for the Miami Heat though… or wherever he finds himself.

For what it’s worth, it would be nice if that were Miami. These have been his three goals though for the 2021-22 season.