Miami Dolphins Tua Tagavailoa’s Cutest Moments – Miami New Times

The jury is still out on Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Sometimes he’s looked like a world beater on the football field. Other times he’s looked like he’s still figuring it out.

What’s not undecided, however, is the fact that Tua is the cutest. He’s MVP of Cute. If advanced analytics in football accounted for cuteness, Tua would be Tom Brady.

Tua and His Dogs

Coming out of the gate hot, we present to you an Instagram slideshow of Tua Tagovailoa and his dogs. This should be required viewing in anger-management classes. We dare anyone to stare at Tua hugging his massive fur baby and stay mad. It’s spellbinding.

Look at the calm in Tua’s face. Imagine thinking your hot football takes can break this man. He knows no matter what happens, he comes home to this, and there is nothing Chris Simms or any other talking head can do to stop it.

Tua Singing After Winning the National Championship

Most college kids who just threw the game-winning touchdown in the National Championship game would leave a trail of smoke in the locker room getting to the celebration party — but not our Tua! He’s wholesome and sticks around to play the ukulele and sing a song.

It’s not just football. The man is a double threat. Watch out, Justin Bieber.

— Evan (@evaneleven77) December 14, 2021

Tua Dressed as Woody from Toy Story

As you can see above, I really had to work to find this image on the internet. You can also see, it was worth it. I will never leave a stone unturned in my pursuit to uncover the cutest Tua Tagovailoa pictures on the internet.

This past Halloween — all while being the subject of trade rumors — Tua stepped out on October 31st in a solid Woody from Toy Story costume. The man understands the struggle of growing up all too well.

Tua After His First NFL Appearance

Miami Dolphins fans were introduced to Tua Tagovailoa last year in mop-up duty, but the image that emerged after the game stole the show: After everyone had left the stadium, Tua came back out onto the field and sat at the same yard line where he was seriously injured in a November 2019 game that prematurely ended his college career.

He would later say he just needed some time to reflect on the situation and be thankful for his recovery.

This man is a made-for-Disney movie. How could you not root for him?

Tua Buys His Mom a Car

The awkwardness makes this video what it is: adorable. It’s clear Tua and his parents have a close relationship, one where big money and expensive things have never really played a huge role in their lives. Here, you can almost feel the Is this really happening? vibes coming out of the computer as Tua surprises his mom with a new Cadillac Escalade.

Not being comfortable spending money is adorable, and totally on-brand for Tua.