Matthew McConaughey Sends Uniting Message to U.S.A. on 4th of July – TMZ

Matthew McConaughey Let’s Keep Getting Better, America … How ‘Bout a Song on That?!?

7/4/2021 2:28 PM PT

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Matthew McConaughey seems awfully gubernatorial for his 4th of July message to America — but his message also sounds pretty damn appealing … let’s unite, and maybe sing about it.

The actor — and rumored Texas Governor hopeful — just posted a video addressed to these United States … and it’s chock-full of that classic MMC charm, but underneath all the charisma and showmanship, Matt’s actually got a great sentiment he’s trying to impart.

Check it out … the guy’s talking all about how we, as a country, need to constantly be reminded that we’re striving toward an ideal, and that we should be working toward that in harmony with one another. He even suggests what sounds like a new national anthem.

Of course, the backdrop of his remarks here is a lot of renewed chatter on what America means today … and for whom. Consider Macy Gray‘s call for a revamped flag, and more recently … when Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry turned her back on the flag/anthem.

In Matt’s eyes … those feelings are not something to shy away from, but to embrace — and work to get better for everyone’s sake. He acknowledges we should be attempting to be as inclusive in our individual pursuits … because it really benefits everyone, and reminds us — we’re Americans, united as one. We know … it’s got politico prose written all over it.

Speaking of that … Matt has slipped in favorability of late in a hypothetical run between himself and incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott (a Republican) — but not by much, just 1 point.

Texas Governor Polling:

Abbott (R): 39%

McConaughey (D): 38%

Abbott (R): 45%

O’Rourke: 33%

Abbott (R): 46%

Huffines (D): 22%

UTT / June 29, 2021 / n=1090 / MOE 3% / Telephone

— Polling USA (@USA_Polling) July 4, 2021 @USA_Polling

He’s still doing a heck of a lot better than actual politicians who are rumored/already set to run as well … including Beto O’Rourke and Don Huffines. So, all things considered — he’s being eyed as the favorite to go head to head with Abbott.

And, after a message like this … we’re guessing his numbers will go up.