Manny Diaz: Ex-Miami Hurricanes players planning state of program discussion, per report – 247Sports

Amid a disappointing season in Year 3 for coach Manny Diaz coming off a rivalry game loss to Florida State, several former Miami players planned a roundtable discussion on the state of the program, according to FOX Sports’ Andy Slater. There are no details yet, but former All-Americans Warren Sapp, Ed Reed and Michael Irvin have been vocal in the past about Hurricanes football.

“Former University of Miami players will be holding a roundtable on Thursday to talk about current state of the Hurricanes football program,” Slater tweeted this week. “The 3.5-hour event is private, but a video of the discussion is scheduled to be released next week, I’m told.”

Miami is 5-5 this season and 19-15 overall under Diaz, who is under scrutiny and faces serious doubt from outsiders who have questioned his ability to bring the program back to prominence.

The Hurricanes parted ways Monday with athletic director Blake James, who served in the role since 2013. James hired Diaz in 2018 and his exit could be the first sign more changes are coming to Miami athletics.

Earlier this season, James fired back at Kirk Herbstreit, who questioned Miami’s commitment to football after a sluggish start. James fired back and said that Miami has only the highest of standards for its football program.

“It wasn’t well received because it is inaccurate,” James said on ACC Network’s Packer and Durham Show in October. “When you look at what our program has done and the investments we have made under Dr. Frenk in football and athletics as a whole has been significant. Can we do things at a higher level? No doubt. That is college sports because the bar is always being raised. It caught us by surprised and it is frustrating to have something like that out there.

“We have great alignment. Do we need to win more football games? No doubt about it. Manny knows it, I know it, and Dr. Frenk knows it. Those are expectations we are focused on meeting.”

Miami is one win away from bowl eligibility following Diaz’s first loss to the Seminoles. The Hurricanes play Virginia Tech this weekend.

“It’s 100 times worse. It’s a ton of bricks. It’s not just the loss, it’s the way that we lost,” Diaz said. “It’s the way that our guys were so brave and so courageous and just didn’t finish. The 4th and 14 will haunt me forever. It is what it is. It just happens. That’s what happens when you step into those games. There’s been wild moments for both sides and we have to own it. We have to own that we were on the wrong side of history for this game.

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“The most important thing right now is that we have to set that aside. We can’t let this game beat us twice. We will get a chance to play them next year at Hard Rock Stadium, but right now we got to move on to Virginia Tech and that’s why we got to focus on our guys and focus on sending our guys off with a win at home.”