Man gleefully jumps through dust devil tornado at car park in Thailand | USA TODAY

A man jumped through a 10-foot-high dust devil tornado in a parking lot in Thailand.

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How To Know When It’s FAKE?

Depending on, where one, primarily gets his news and information, it seems, the identical event, is related, considerably differently! In fact, very often, it doesn’t even appear, they are discussing the same matter! In some cases, this is because, of an individual’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, while, at other times, it is simply a matter of differing perceptions, of the same issues!

Do You Really, CARE About Your Health?

If you don’t really, CARE, about your personal health, and well – being, chances are, few others, will pay attention, either! Many of us, make the mistake, of taking this, for – granted, and, falsely, believing, it’s beyond our control, and, whatever, will be, will be! However, living the happiest, healthiest existence, often, is determined, by taking personal control, by creating a lifestyle, which aligns our priorities, with the best way, to get there!

How To Evaluate A Home’s AREA?

Since, for most of us, the value of their home, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to fully consider, many relevant factors, before deciding, whether you are making a wise, well – considered decision? Most people understand the significance and importance of pricing, and other financial factors (such as one’s credit, down – payment, job security, etc), but, some overlook, focusing on identifying, the pluses, and minuses, of any specific region, neighborhood, community, and/ or, AREA. Why this matters, and how, depends on many factors, and personal priorities, but, it is wise, to proceed, paying keen attention…

Why We Must Make Leaders Keep Their PROMISES?

Why should anyone, believe – in, have confidence, or feel, any leader, is representing and serving his constituents, and organization, instead of any personal/ poltical agenda, and/ or, self – interest, unless/ until, stakeholders pay more attention, and demand better? When leaders articulate empty rhetoric, and make empty PROMISES, the group, and its mission, as well as, being relevant, and sustainable, becomes seriously compromised! Effective leadership comes from earning the trust of one’s constituents, by under – promising, and over – delivering!

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