How to quickly forget about that Miami cold: Go outside right now and see what happens – AOL

Remember that cold spell? It’s now a heat spell.

It was less than a week ago that we were advising you to bundle up in the 40-degree chill and nibble on oh-so-warming churros and hot chocolate dip.

Now, step outside, and you’ll sweat. So we can confidently say: Take it all off and drink some iced tea.

The National Weather Service in Miami says we’re burning up with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees “above normal.” The heat will run through the middle of next week.

That means temperatures in the 80s, along with that familiar feel of sticky humidity, which was 87% Friday morning, according to CBS Miami.

One piece of good news: Little to no rain is in the forecast.

“The radar network is all clear for right now. It will keep dry,” said CBS Miami meteorologist Dave Warren.

The return of hot weather is thanks to a series of weak fronts that will “fizzle out near our area,” the weather service said.

The afternoon highs in South Florida will hit the low-80s through the weekend and into next week.

But come nightfall, we’ll get a breath of fresh air, with lows in the upper-60s. That isn’t nearly as cold as it was earlier this month or during the Christmas stretch — but it’s still a taste of Miami winter.