George W. Bush says Iraq invasion ‘unjustified’ speaking on Ukraine | USA TODAY

Former president George W. Bush was heavily criticized for overseeing the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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The Dream/Life Compromise

It’s bad to compromise on your dreams. Instead, I recommend you compromise on your dreams. That’s not a typo – here’s what I mean.

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In less than two months, since the beginning of January till the end of February, the 10-year Treasury Note yield had increased by a stunning 54.9% percent, from 0.91% to 1.41%. Some argue that this increase in the U.S. Treasury yields is caused by the improving economy, but the strongest underlying factor seems to be a fear of an upcoming inflation attributed to government’s printing (borrowing) and spending money. The increasing cost of credit will affect the housing market, putting a downward pressure on its prices and affordability. The housing market is critical to the overall health of the economy as it affects many jobs, consumer spending and the overall wealth of our nation. While there are signs of a fledgling economic recovery, another presumably well-intended stimulus, can be counterproductive and harmful. The focus should be on wisely using the unspent stimulus money, which Congress had already approved last year, keeping the interest rates low and re-opening the economy while the vaccination efforts gain momentum and the Covid infections and deaths go down.

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