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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — As society slowly returns to normal and the post-pandemic period approaches, many are looking for ways to relieve stress. That’s why Jason Krause and his wife Lindsey are big fans of good floats. Over the years, they attended the Levity Wellness Center at 2272 E Speedway Boulevard.

When the owners put the business up for sale last April, they had to buy it. That’s because Jason says floating helped fight anxiety and stress. Step into one of the two therapy tanks. One is completely closed and the other is not so closed.

“It worked for me and countless people. Floating has helped me in many ways from a physical point of view in learning better ways to relax. Also, spine surgery and spine surgery. It also helped me physically recover from later opioid addiction, “Jason said.

“As you can see, this is a float room for a more open experience. It’s like a big bathtub with glass doors. And across the hall is a traditional sensory deprivation tank,” Lindsey said. Said.

According to Lindsey, it floats in 12 inches of water at a body temperature of 900 pounds of Epsom salt. The weightlessness experience attracts people from all disciplines, and there is also an infrared sauna to help relieve stress.

“All floats are prolific in their own way. This remedy is primarily useful for many of the PTSD stress depressions. It’s a tank filled with salt water and nothing, which we all need. It’s just a small part of what you do. Because there’s something special in the empty space. Don’t go to the screen, answer emails or phone calls, or just react to the chaotic nature of a busy life. I have a chance to relax, “said Jason.

It also takes about an hour to properly scrub the space for each float.

“The salt water goes through a very intensive filtration process that takes at least 30 minutes. It wipes everything from the handles to the doorknobs to the spray bottles you need to use. The entire room is wiped from the ceiling to the floor.” Lindsey said

Whether you want to get rid of back pain or get rid of clutter, floating is an option.

“In the last few weeks, there was one individual in the tank where the ribs had separated and couldn’t stick out after about 15 minutes. He was the first to take a full breath. For a few weeks. For many veterans, consensus is a sense of calm, which gives the individual a sense of peace, and if it is reproducible, find it outside the tank. May be possible, “said Jason.

Levity is just one of Tucson’s three floating sites to serve. The owner is considering extending the business hours in the future.

“If this stimulates your curiosity, if you’re suffering from something related to chronic pain or mental illness. If you just want to relax, always give it a try,” Lindsey said.

Details of Levity Wellness Center: https://www.levityrising.com/

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