Danielle Cohen Higgins kicks off Miami-Dade Commission reelection bid with new video – Florida Politics

Cohen Higgins already has three opponents lined up so far.

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins is formally launching her reelection bid as she seeks her first full term on the Commission.

In May 2019, Cohen Higgins filed for the 2022 contest in District 8. But when District 8 Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava ran for and won the 2020 mayoral contest, that left the District 8 seat open.

The Commission was tasked with determining how to replace Levine Cava and decided to appoint a replacement rather than hold a Special Election. After being named a finalist for the position, Cohen Higgins was named Levine Cava’s replacement in December.

Now, Cohen Higgins is running for a full term in the 2022 contest, though she’ll now be running as an incumbent. Tuesday afternoon, Cohen Higgins posted an announcement video showcasing her reelection bid.

“Every time I meet with our residents, it’s my favorite part of serving,” Cohen Higgins said in the nearly two-minute long video.

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“District 8 is engaged, educated and incredibly plugged in, and I love that about District 8.”

The District 8 field also includes activist Alicia Arellano, Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor John DuBois and Key Biscayne Police Chief Charles Press. Arellano and DuBois had filed alongside Cohen Higgins prior to Levine Cava winning the mayoral race. Press had shown interest in jumping in once the Commission began discussing Levine Cava’s replacement, but he ultimately did not submit his name for consideration.

Cohen Higgins, a lawyer, played up her political outsider status in Tuesday’s formal launch video.

“I sit here, probably as an unlikely Commissioner. I don’t come from a political family, or certainly not a family that came from means. We come from very humble beginnings,” Cohen Higgins said.

“I’m certainly no stranger to struggles, but that’s true for a lot of residents in South Dade and District 8.”

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Cohen Higgins has a background in the field of complex commercial civil litigation. She has also provided legal services to small businesses and the seriously injured, and has served on the executive committee of Ruth’s List Florida.

“I am running to continue to have the honor of serving as your County Commissioner for District 8 because I live the issues that you live. I live in our traffic, I understand our affordable housing issues and I understand our incredible concern with guarding our environment,” Cohen Higgins added.

“I have fought for you until this point, and I will continue fighting for you.”

Last year, I joined the Miami-Dade County Commission w/ the honor of serving D8. Today, I am proud to announce the launch of my 2022 campaign so that I may continue fighting for the hardworking residents of South Dade. I am and will always be w/ D8 every step of the way. #DCH4D8 pic.twitter.com/4ENA8gM3el

— Danielle Cohen Higgins (@D_C_Higgins) June 1, 2021

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