Cubans in Miami prepare travel bags for the island and support the protests – El Financiero –

Cubans in Miami prepare travel bags for the island and support the protests - El Financiero

Miami, Florida. – United States Coast Guard On Miami It monitors any activity aimed at increasing the “unsafe and illegal” crossings between the two countries Florida and Cuba In response to rare protests on the island’s streets.

Admiral Eric C. Jones issued a warning Monday night as groups of Cuban exiles in the United States They said they plan to travel to the island in boats full of supplies to show their support for the protesters in Cuba. South Florida has the largest Cuban-American community.

In Miami, Cuban personalities were cited on social networks by من Miami Herald On Monday they said they would 10 hour cruise to Cuba To support the street protests that broke out over the weekend

They said they would provide assistance – and weapons – and called on people in Miami to offer their boats.

A group gathered Monday night at the Pelican Harbor Marina near the North Bay Village area, and people brought boxes of bottled water, light bulbs and boxes of pasta, the newspaper said.

Water, food and medicineWhat can we take to Cuba? “Anything we can wear is fine,” organizer Dennis Swiero told WSVN.

The group was not far on Monday in the rain.

A message posted on Tuesday by one of the organizers on Santiago Rivera’s Instagram account said the Coast Guard had suspended his group due to “problems with firearms.” They promised it Will try again on Wednesday In the morning “with the permission of the authorities of this country.”

The Coast Guard statement indicated that it would not grant such permission. He noted that the journey was “dangerous and unforgiving” and that nearly 20 Cubans had died trying to cross the strait in recent weeks. He said the Coast Guard is working with local and federal partners to monitor “the illegal departures of ships from Florida to Cuba.”

Rivera’s letter thanked the people for their support of the mission and said that Cubans decide their own destiny and lose fear. “This is not about politics, it’s about humanity and common sense. I am proud to be a Cuban and to give my life for my land,” the letter read.