Critical race theory classes at West Point under fire by GOP lawmakers | USA TODAY

Gen. Mark Milley defends the military against criticism from GOP lawmakers about studying the critical race theory.

A top military official defended the U.S. military against GOP lawmakers use of “woke” as an insult for studying theories about race relations in America during a Wednesday House committee hearing.

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The Creator Knows Everything

I got an old, rusted 4×4 trailer. Renata flatly refused me getting it, insisting that she would never sleep in such an old thing.

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Have you ever had a boss or a friend or co-worker who you would do just about anything for? Or maybe you have been fortunate enough to be the boss or coach who had people under your charge who would do nearly anything that you asked of them. In either case there is a high likelihood that the reason people were willing to go to the wall for you, or you were willing to go to it for them, is a direct result of how they were treated.

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Spiritual Maturity

After many years of hearing the gospel preached, taught, and listening to both men and women share the word of God; we have to put our faith in action. The purpose of growing in grace and spending time in the presence of the Lord; is strictly for your own spiritual growth as a believer.