Congregation hogties suspect after deadly California church shooting | USA TODAY

At least one person was killed and five more injured at a shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California.

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Authorities on Monday were investigating a motive behind a deadly shooting at a Southern California church that ended after congregants thwarted the gunman from causing more bloodshed.

At least one person was killed and five people were injured when the shooter opened fire Sunday afternoon at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, which was hosting a Taiwanese congregation. The shooter’s identity has not been released, but sheriff’s officials described him as an Asian man in his 60s.

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NJ School Align On School Canteen Foods to New Lunch Program Rules

School canteen foods and private school lunches sourced from charter lunch food service in NJ will now have to align overhaul their menus with the new rules of the school lunch program. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, means less processed foods, means less sodium and preservatives, but that does not mean compromise on calories will be part of the foods served to school children.

School Lunch Provider in NJ, New Rules Discover Healthy School Lunches

Food service supply in NJ can be turned into a more creative effort from a monotonous, routine, and groping in dark exercise to keep the services going on as usual. Food service to schools where on one hand is challenging can present you with immense opportunities to try your restless culinary skills.

School Food Services Providers in NJ With Their Healthy School Lunch Plan

Food service and catering in NJ, today, means tweaking many things to bring the sense of taste the customer desires. Who does not like tasty food? There could be none. In fact, there can hardly be few exceptions to the fact that many of us ensure to get tasty food every time we take a meal or a snack.

The Best School Food Services Brings the Best School Lunch Program in NJ Schools

A lunch program for school food service should begin from planning for the adage of “do not waste”. How do we do that is the a simple question but very challenging as you have to serve diverse tastes of growing children from various family backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity and religion and beliefs.

New School Lunch Program in NJ and Healthy School Lunches Rules

School lunch program could not have asked for much more for the American school children, 10 per cent of the population making 32 million children, to fight various health disorders of like obesity and any other. There was nothing new and nothing yet so old that was called for by the program.