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As the weekend continues, we find a simple “mix” of weather across south Florida. Instead of soaking rains lashing out in widespread fashion, it’s just occasional rain bands that pass by rather quickly. In time, more ingredients will be coming together to prompt more frequent activity with more coverage from rain and (even) storms. The one thing that isn’t going to change? A deep onshore wind flow. That means we’ll continue to track batches of showers rolling off the ocean and heading inland, then west.

While there’s sufficient moisture for rain right now, an added dose is also making an approach. As we focus on eastern areas (even east of the Bahamas) we find a couple of weather disturbances that will track toward south Florida in the days ahead. The first of these is an area of low pressure, called an “upper low” because it’s a spin that’s high in the sky. The satellite view of this disturbance may seem unsettling to you at first, as it’s a large spin of the clouds and the tropics are very much on our minds this time of the year! Rest assured, though, this is not a tropical threat because of it’s structure and height. The “upper low” will continue to move east, then north, eventually reaching Florida by Monday. On the back side of the system is the deeper moisture availability and the reason rain is expected to increase. Finally, behind the low, is a weak tropical wave. This feature (too) isn’t going to develop but may increase rain and storm chances over the region, especially Tuesday. Along with the likely return of downpours, we’ll also notice a stronger breeze that could be rather gusty, at times, near the coast. This instability is likely to last, along with the moist air, through Wednesday before the next chance at some drying. As the week winds down, we may even see some Saharan Dust scoot in, with its associated haze by Thursday and Friday.

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