Apartment fires: Here’s why they keep happening and how to stay safe | JUST THE FAQS

Why high-rise building fires keep happening and how closed doors could save lives
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During apartment fires, like the Bronx fire, safety features like sprinklers systems can save lives. Here’s why some buildings still don’t have them.

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Pitch In and Help Out

With the absence of face-to-face classes, learners have educational technology challenges especially those who belong to the least, lost and left out. However, with creativity and all, parents and teachers alike could do something to solve this problem. It is just a matter of passion and compassion to have education continuity amid this COVID-19 pandemic. Read on.

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This article discusses the accident history of the Sud-Aviation SE.210 Caravelle, the French-designed and first low-capacity, short-range twin-jet. It looks at patterns of mishaps and reviews the worst in terms of fatalities.

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A strategic plan helps to look at all the things your business can achieve and narrows them down to what your business is good at. Strategy goals also help business owners determine where to spend money, human capital and time.

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In “Becoming a Master Communicator,” Renee Marino, star of stage and screen, shares tips on how we can all enhance how we communicate with each other to improve our careers, relationships, and lives. From practical tips about when to text, email, or video call or meet in person to tips on how to do each of those well, Renee helps us all rethink how we are communicating. As a bonus, she shares how her good communication skills landed her the role of Mary Delgado in the film version of Jersey Boys, directed by Clint Eastwood.