Ad Meter 2023: Brian Cox marvels over Serena Williams’ acting in new Super Bowl ad | USA TODAY

Serena Williams and Brian Cox chat with USA TODAY’s Ralphie Aversa about their new “Caddyshack”-inspired Super Bowl commercial for Michelob ULTRA.

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While the Super Bowl will feature brothers Travis and Jason Kelce of the Chiefs and Eagles vying for their second championship ring, the commercials will feature a 23-time Grand Slam champion completing a three-peat.

Michelob ULTRA, a part of Anheusher-Busch, is back in the big game for 2023. And for the third consecutive year, the brand has tapped Serena Williams to star in its spot. In “New Members Day,” Williams goes head-to-head with Emmy award-winning actor Brian Cox on the golf course in a nod to the 1980 classic “Caddyshack.” The spot’s digital reveal is premiering exclusively on USA TODAY’s Ad Meter.

“I would love to play a little more golf, honestly for the photo opportunities,” Williams, 41, admits to USA TODAY. “I had a pretty decent drive because I’m a tennis player.

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